salesi hospital - ancona

200 beds for acute patients, areas for diagnosis and treatment, research laboratories, varius spaces, research center.

The project starts from the desire of the Marche Region to include the Salesi Children’s Hospital within the Torrette University Hospital. Salesi is intended to acute patients and will
have 200 beds, for diagnosis and therapy. It will also work in a network with other hospitals in the Region. The flexibility of the spaces is the guiding idea, in accordance with the principle of
reversibility of the uses, that belongs to the most advanced contemporary hospital design
concept. The building starts from the intersection between two parallel longitudinal bodies,
oriented East / West, and the body near Torrette (mainly dedicated to scientific and medical function) joining them to form a C. The two new buildings are dedicated to scientific and medical functions. The project also includes a transverse central body dedicated to non-health services, the connective and studies. In this area there is also a nursery. The body, planned with the double corridor scheme, has a structural grid base of 7,20 mx 7,20 m. The modularity allows a great flexibility and easy functional transformability in future time.
The outer skin made of HPL panels and the presence of sunscreen (to help save energy)
embraces and covers the stereometric volumes marked by square openings. In this way it leaves space for the green and orange skin of the facade. The relationship between
solids and voids is strengthened and lightens the volumes of the lateral building wings.
This creates a composition that defines the green areas, pedestrian paths and rest
spaces. The latter are marked by different types of flooring, seating and street furniture.


Region Marche


44.953.951,21 €

Built Surface

19.993 mq


2012 - Ongoing

Work carried out

Concept, Design Development and Construction Design


SD Partners, RPA, Arch. Piscitelli, Polistudio AES