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The complexity of contemporary society – increasingly a “global village” – can only be addressed through an integrated approach between the different disciplines. Integrated sustainability and engineering represent the key points of the ongoing transformations for the creation of smart cities where urban infrastructures merge with technological and social ones. The need for new interconnections is emerging, which must be sought, recognized and infra-structured through innovation and new technologies, with a view to a 4.0, economically sustainable and energy self-sufficient reality.

The firm works in teams composed of architects and engineers who can manage ambitious projects with a multidisciplinary approach, coordinating various skills and directing them towards realizations characterized by a high degree of quality, substance and sustainability.

The ability to manage the development of complex projects and the aptitude for problem solving guarantee the offer of personalized and complex services, in line with the client’s needs and with an overall efficiency of time and resources.

SD Partners designs in BIM (Building Information Modeling), offers services in compliance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality System and promotes the best environmental sustainability practices right from the project conception stages.