About us


SD Partners was set up in 1984 under the name Sistema Duemila, and started operating both in the field of structural engineering and in the field of technology.

In the 2000s, several young architects joined the company and, since then, architecture and urban planning have also become the company’s main points of intervention.

Currently SD Partners is based in Milan and Rome.

The vocation to provide integrated services in architecture, engineering and urban design has been evident from the beginning together with the ability to innovate and evolve founded on a solid tradition.

SD Partners works in the field of architectural, civil and urban design, as well as in structural engineering and plant design. It is able to develop a project from the city scale to the construction details, following the entire design procedure, from conception to testing of the works.

SD Partners works in partnership with many Italian and foreign firms. The firm has significant experience in Public Works through the design and work management of public and strategic buildings, institutional offices, residential and urban mix developments, infrastructures, roads and subways.

The firm has designed and constructed urbanizations in several Lombard cities, such as squares, road networks and strategic junctions. It has also been engaged in the drafting of urban plans, urban developments as well as in the conception and realization of articulated and integrated building complexes.

For years SD Partners has been a leader in the healthcare sector and has designed and managed the construction of important Italian hospitals and healthcare facilities.