Residential and office Buildings - MILAN

Five buildings under renovation, new construction with demolition and reconstruction of housing recovery and attics. Of which a new building for offices of 2,900 sqm of 7 floors above ground and 3 underground floors. A new residential building with 7 floors of 950 sqm. Two restructuring residential buildings with extension of 6 floors of 4,750 sqm. A total renovation with extension of residential building of 1,900 sqm.

The planimetry and volumetric project is structured through the morphological
articulation of existing buildings with prevalent horizontal elevation profile.
The existing buildings define the shape of the block between Bordoni, Adda and Cornalia
streets, found in their discontinuity the urban unity: the fronts recomposed prepare and reinforced the gaps defined by the existing urban structures, at the same time highlighted that they belonged to a developing system. The project consists of five lined up buildings, these, in their the regular urban settlement, realize equal enclosed spaces for size and relationship with the context. This trend originate from the distinctive characteristics and the morphology of the context, figuratively, and intentionally giving a logical perspective of the internal and external fronts. At the same time giving a irregularity roof profile with pitched and flat roofs, that usually happens in a existing city. The transparency character  communicates efficiency: the outer walls are largely double layer made of glass and aluminum and act as a passive solar collector. This theme is related with the energy saving
aspect, so that the project has a greenhouse on the South-East front, which is the most
opportune side in order to improve the solar energy performance and helpful to redesign
the façade perspective facing the courtyard, and reconstruct the perspective angle of the
fronts facing the open courtyard. Particular attention has been paid to the choice of ecomaterials, energy saving and flexibility of the internal layout.


Fondazione E.N.P.A.M.


31.802.814 €

Built Surface

9.500 mq


2011 - 2018 Built

Work carried out

Design Development and Construction Design


SD Partners