Ex industrial building reconverted in cimema and new media public school, public school, archives and cineteca italiana head office.

The project aims at redeveloping the whole area of the EX- Manifattura Tabacchi (Old 

Tobacco Factory) : specifically, the project concerns building n. 4, which will host the new Cinema Visual Center. The complex will also host a multimedia library, deposits, municipal
schools and a divisible multi-purpose room for a total of 300 people. The extensive project for the area redevelopment provides the realization of a small town for cinemas, a driving center to develop cinema and audio-visual arts and techniques, as well as scientific-technological research and experimentation cinema related fields. The project considers the Cinema-Audio-Visual Center as a center of excellence in the different fields of the industry. A single wide entrance gives access to users and to the structure staff. On the ground floor we can find the activities that have the strongest connection with the public: multimedia library, cafeteria, auditorium and exhibition areas on one side and offices of the municipal schools on the other side. The building has a pillar structure which characterizes the spaces.
From the entrance we perceive the skeleton, the size and the architectural features of the building. The outdoor areas will be redeveloped through conservative restoration of the facades, green areas and of the central tank, creating outdoor spaces for events. The project paid much attention to ensure environmental well-being and a high technological level in the performance of school activities and all exhibition activities related to initiatives to be implemented in these areas. The project conceives areas that give their contribution in the definition of a place where the existing architecture and the innovations introduced help to achieve the well-being condition and fully perform other activities.


Infrastrutture Lombarde S.p.A.


12.000.000 €

Built Surface

9.000 mq


2010-2013 Built

Attività svolte

Concept, Design Development, Construction Design and Work Management


SD Partners