irccs don gnocchi - florence

New Hospital with areas for physical therapy and rehabilitation, research laboratories and facilities for public catering, pharmacy, wardrobe, storage, distribution and 

economic services, technical and administrative, changing rooms, stores and warehouses, religious assistance, morgue, area management, training center, conference center.

The new headquarters of the I. R.C.C.S. is located close to New hospital San Giovanni di
Dio. The surface is distributed on three levels, the three buildings are arranged radially
along the longitudinal axis of the area, perpendicular to the Via di Scandicci, and are
joined together by another building arranged transversely.
The volumetric configuration of the building leads to large yards. Those located on the
first level in the downstream portion, are accessible from the internal road through the bridge structures across the first body building. In this way provision operations of general services in support of the hospital are facilitated. The courts located in the upstream side present themselves with the characteristics of an indoor garden and on them the wards and the large living-dining space overlook. The new I.R.C.C.S. is a health care facility with prevailing horizontal development. From the standpoint of environmental the
structure is characterized by technological systems that reduce energy consumption
(containment of pollutants, use of renewable sources, solar panels, cogeneration plant,
closing elements and high performance curtains). It is provided with additional beds for carers of patients. The focal point of the entire complex is a directional central axis, whose development cuts across the building. From this structural element are inserted six
directional longitudinal axis that correspond to functional cycles (paths of people assisted,
location of service personnel, visitor paths, movement of food, handling the clean-dirty).


Fondazione Don Gnocchi


51.934.600 €

Built Surface

23.000 mq


2009-2013 Built

Work carried out

Design Development, Construction Design and Work Management


SD Partners