New building in the historical center of Milan. Two buildings and a underground
garage. Square and green areas around the rebuilding of the tower Gorani.

The area is located in the historical cluster of Milan, exactly in the streets Brisa and Gorani.
This is why the creation of two new residential buildings and a new outdoor public space
stems from considerations of the relationship between contemporary design and existing
city. The project site is a privileged point of view of the archaeological park that goes from via Ansperto (Archaeological Museum, the Roman circus grounds, Monastero Maggiore) through the Imperial Palace area and that ends over Holy Maria alla Porta, in the square of the theater. The surrounding site looks like a mixed collection of buildings, fragments, and ruins from different historical periods. In fact in this area we can find the heritage of the Imperial Palace, massimianee walls, buildings belonging from XVIII and XIX sec., the Gorani tower and Ansperto’s tower, buildings belonging from ‘50 and ‘60 and some relatively new renovated buildings. All these different elements represent the specificity of this place: a strong set that overrides the individual identity of the artifacts and stratigraphy belonging from different ages. The interpretation of the site leads to a critical design approach.
The buildings will have a concrete structure and external walls made by alveolar bricks,
these offer excellent performance in terms of energy savings. The foundations are 

constituted by a thick concrete slab lied on a mixture of stabilized aggregate on a concrete
lean reinforced with wire mesh. The most of the basement pillars are transfer columns.
The exterior facades will be a rainscreen cladding finished with Titanium Zinc. The window frames will be made of tubular galvanized steel. MEP system will use heat pump and 

geothermal energy.


Finaval S.p.A.


8.500.000 €

Built Surface

3.500 mq


2012-2016 Realizzato

Work carried out

Design Development and Construction Design


SD Partners, Cecchi & Lima TRM, Consorzio Tecnion