New Hospital and University Building of Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli

The construction of the new building will allow the Policlinico to optimize the main patient flows within the hospital by aggregating a wide range of disciplines and professional specialisation that find specific coherence in this new setting. In this way, the segregation of routes between urgency/emergency will be improved. The areas supporting the DEA will be expanded, the functions of the Pediatrics / Woman area will be centralized and the operational flexibility of the entire structure will be increased in the event of hyper-inflow or maxi emergency conditions.

The new building will minimally affect the road, which will not be modified to fully preserving the existing flows and routes. It consists of 8 floors, the roof and a technical basement for a total of 9 floors above ground with a height lower than the maximum height of the existing buildings.
The new building will be joined to the existing hospital through the direct connection plate located on the ground floor, first level and technical basement and through an external connection bridge located on the fourth and eighth floors, thus ensuring the best interaction between activities and functional routes while maintaining its hierarchy without mixture e with maximum functionality. The horizontal and vertical connections were provided and designed according to the realization for phases and likewise the floor numbering adopted is the current one. 

The University area will be at the first 3 floors, where the laboratories of the biological institutes will be at the ground and first floor and the offices of the teachers and institute at the second one. The upper floors will house the health functions of the “Comprehensive Cancer Center” (CCC) which include a floor for reception, clinical activity and Day Hospital, 4 wards with double or single rooms for 216 total beds and an operating department. In these areas, the architectural and logistic scheme will allow a better use of the space for the benefit of the existing activities: the support activities will be located in the central spine while in the lateral areas the ward and the clinics will be located.

Particular design attention folds right into the present of several multidisciplinary spaces in order to improve the synergy of resources and activities.


Fondazione Policlinico A. Gemelli


55.000.000 €

Built Surface

32.958 mq


2018 - Ongoing

Work carried out

Concept and Design Development


SD Partners