Restructuring of building for residential and office use; SPA; garden.

The building complex comprises a structure on a ‘U’ shaped footprint that lines via Fratelli Gabba and via Monte di Pietà. The main façades are treated in the same way along their entire lengths: the ground floor features large windows set in a plastered wall, while the surface from the first floor upwards is clad in ashlar. The fronts overlooking the courtyard are
finished with smooth plasterwork and the shape and dimensions of the windows are also more contained. The conservation project was based on the results of an analysis of the building’s history, morphology and materials, pursuing the objective of safeguarding its
original architectural and environmental values. The aim of the project was to restore the
building, giving back their original look to the façades and replacing worn fixtures and other technological elements that had deteriorated as a result of lack of maintenance. After the façades have been cleaned carefully and a stratigraphic analysis conducted, the lasterwork will also be restored to its original color. In addition, the project includes relocating SLP from the semi-basement and ground floors to the fifth, sixth and seventh floors. In the interests safeguarding the building’s character, the system of the stepped façade, which retreats gradually as it rises on the front overlooking the street, will be maintained. The project also includes the work necessary to resurface the private access road. 


Gabba Uno S.r.l.


25.500.000 €

Built Surface

10.000 mq


2006 - 2009 Built

Work carried out

Concepr, Design Development, Construction Design and Work Management


SD Partners, Ing. R. Uslenghi, Ing. R. Cazzaniga