Convention and Exhibition Center - SHENZHEN

World-class Convention and Exhibition Center with advanced functions, comprehensive support facilities and efficient transportation in Shenzhen, China

The project aims to establish a world class Convention and Exhibition Center with advanced functions, complete supporting facilities and efficient transportation. On the basis of satisfying convention and exhibition functions, it will improve the economic benefit of land and the radiation capacity of exhibition halls and provide optimized supporting services by integrating hotels, offices, commercial activities, recreation, tourism and other public functions. It will be a landmark by carrying out innovative design based on water-front landscape, highlighting the symbolic significance and distinctiveness of new airport city and bay area and providing different and vigorous urban planning space.

The history of civilization is closely linked to water. The water is a strong inspiration for the project, just like the landscape of the province of Shenzhen, where the canals, creek and reservoirs are defined and at the same time define relationships between urban and industrial clusters.

The shape of the volumes is therefore inspired by the path seemingly random but with its own natural logic. The movement of the rivulets of the water that dig the soil and give rise to the valleys and plains is the inspiration that generates aggregates the different volumes of the project.


Gala A&E Shanghai Co. Ltd Shenzhen Investment Holding Co, Ltd


Shenzhen, Cina

Built Surface

137 hectares


2016-Finalist in the International Design Competition

Work carried out

Urban Design


Sd Partners with Daniel Libeskind, Gala Engineering e TRT