City of Health - SESTO s. G.

New National Cancer Institute, new neurological Institute Carlo Besta with research centers

The ‘City of Health’ is the biggest new hospital project in Italy in last years. A modern structure with up to date and excellence technologies. The new hospital and research center is conceived as a dynamic structure, able to be adapted to permanent clinic evolution, organized by activity poles, addressed to  care’s effectiveness but also to people rights and needs. The hospital is organized by care’s processes: wards areas are organized by functional zones with different care’s intensity. Each functional and structural solution is conceived in order to achieve a mood of serenity and confidence.  Specific attention has been carried out for wellbeing aspects, comfort and living rooms with relax and social activity spaces, open and integrated with green external spaces and city services. Continuity and humanization of care are specific features of this new healthcare organization, with, at its center, the person. Wards, surgery, laboratories, diagnostical services, are all usable by medical staff with no divisions and dispersions.  The Hospital is perfectly integrated with surrounding urban landscape. We looked for the best solutions to achieve a constant permeability between inner and outer spaces. Big glass facades allow a continuous dialog with external landscape and take advantage of natural lighting, contributing to give to spaces a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for patients and visitors. Green as décor and ‘therapy’ penetrates in the hospital. Natural materials, like wood, are used, and colors had been choosed in order to stimulate positively patient’s emotion and worker’s activity. The entire civil and plants project is addressed to energy saving and allow to reach energy class A+. Paths are distinguished starting from function (patients, visitors, workers, doctors), in order to allow the easiest connection between wards and services and to guarantee security, quality and speed to planned and emergency paths.   


Infrastrutture Lombarde SpA


295.000.000 €​

Built surface

188.500 mq - 694 beds


2015 - Ongoing

Work carried out

Concept and Design Development


SD Partners with MCA; Techproject; Ariatta Ingegneria dei Sistemi; Prodim