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“Architecture as a profession must serve the future society on a functional, technical, productive and economic level: it must serve happiness and the needs of men in terms of their lives – air, sun, health, assistance, work; it must nourish the intellect of men in terms of intelligence and style – unity, order, essentiality; as art it must nourish the soul of men and their dreams in terms of enchantment – imagination, magic, fantasy, poetry.” – Gio Ponti – “AMATE L’ARCHITETTURA. L’architettura è un cristallo”

For SD Partners designers, every project is a new opportunity to serve. The different cultural, personal and work histories find in SD an inclusive environment, wherein creativity and innovation are daily confronted with technical experience and solid cultural foundations. Our projects are born from this encounter-clash. The collaborations with important Italian and International Architectural firms, which have always characterized the activity of SD Partners, have enriched and enrich our cultural heritage, promoting the constant research of more appropriate answers and greater quality by promoting a continuous training.


The firm’s vocation for integrated design is expressed in the ability to manage large-scale multidisciplinary projects thanks to a company structure capable of sharing and integrating different specialist knowledge and skills.

The synergy and interaction between professionals who express the different technical disciplines is the key to finding and offering innovative solutions to face the different problems and to carry out projects with high quality and technological value.

The project team, identified each time on the basis of the activities to be carried out, integrates multidisciplinary knowledge and skills to achieve realizations that combine efficacy, efficiency and quality.

SD Partners is able to offer all the skills necessary to understand and interpret the different languages, merging them harmoniously in order to promptly respond to new needs and translate the possibilities into concrete realities.

The firm is active both in the field of architectural, civil and urban planning, and in that of structural engineering and plant design. It is able to develop a project from the city scale to the construction details, from urban furniture to interior design.


SD Partners boasts more than thirty-year experience in construction management and coordination of highly complex building sites.

The firm manages all stages of the realization process through a staff composed by Works Managers with crosscutting competence and experience able to deal with all cases.

The work management is conceived as the culmination of the design process during which the ideas take shape. This implies not only high technical-construction skills, but also management, economic and administrative skills.


Over the years SD Partners has supported some of the most important Italian contractors for the preparation of the technical offers during tendering procedure, both for construction contracts and integrated design, construction and management services. Thanks to the projects carried out, the quality certifications and the professional qualification of its teams, SD Partners has the technical requirements to participate in the most important tenders for civil works in Italy. The experience gained in this field ensures great reliability both in the preparation of the contract documentation and in the identification of the design solutions for improvement. To draw up a winning bid it is important to be able to analyze the project, identifying its strengths and weaknesses, to communicate with contractors choosing  with them the optimal strategy. Furthermore, it is crucial to be able to propose state of the art solutions, finding the best balance between technical quality and economic offer, and to communicate the proposals effectively, enhancing the improvement aspects and the added value offered.


For SD Partners the environment and history are the starting points in the design process. The relationship with nature and the sustainability of a project are at the center of the design. From the earliest stages of the concept phase, the goal is to create self-sustaining buildings through a continuous research on materials, solutions with lower environmental impact and use of renewable energy sources. Both in the design choices and in the management of the construction site the most advanced building technologies are examined, in order to ensure high performances and low energy consumption, to reduce use of natural resources and to increase energy savings. SD Partners promotes the use of LEED sustainable design strategies, which represent the international best practice for designing healthy and energy-efficient buildings with reduced environmental impact.

The high quality of the projects, developed to satisfy the customer’s requirements and the needs of the community, helps to create consensus for the work by all parties involved, from end users to public authorities to individuals. ISO-9001 Quality System certification and ISO 14001 environmental management certification represent a fundamental aspect for the quality and the environmental protection, in the constant search for improvement and innovation.


The ability to manage and develop every aspect of complex projects and the aptitude for problem solving are the main strengths of the firm.

Customized, complex and high-quality services are guaranteed, at the service of the client’s needs and with an overall efficiency of time and resources.

The creativity and innovation at the base of each job are safeguarded within the design process in which technical knowledge and management skills are combined in order to achieve the desired targets and overcome the technical challenges that arise.


SD Partners designs in BIM (Building Information Modelling) thanks to the specialized training of its professionals and the development of several projects. The use of BIM technology and protocols for the design process is currently the best tool to support communication, cooperation between the parties, simulation and improvement of a project, ensuring control over the post-construction phase of the construction and the building life cycle.

Data exchange, «Open BIM», through the use of the open IFC format, makes it possible to communicate and share information between operators who use different software in a clear and essential way, through a sustainable process without loss of quality.

The firm’s staff includes professionals such as BIM Manger, BIM Coordinator e BIM Specialist certified according to UNI 11337-7.